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Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste Management Webinar: Part 2 (9/20/2023)

Watch a panel of experts discuss real world examples that Assisted Living providers may encounter dealing with and disposing of hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

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Handling Hazardous Medications Webinar: Part 1 (9/14/2023)

Watch a panel of experts discuss how to define and identify hazardous medications, the various employer safe handling requirements for these medications, and compliance and best practices.

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CPMB Guardian Webinar (9/28/22)

View the Care Provider Management Bureau’s PowerPoint with embedded videos to better understand the Guardian system.

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Webinar on Monkeypox (8/12/2022)

Governor Newsom declared a State of Emergency due to monkeypox cases identified in California. This declaration triggers the “emergency infection control plan” requirement in the new infection control regulations. Josh Allen with Allen Flores Consulting hosted a webinar to discuss monkeypox and the infection control plan.

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Webinar on New Infection Control Regs (4/22/2022)

New infection control regulations have been implemented, and one of the key requirements is to submit an Infection Control Plan to CCLD by June 30, 2022. Josh Allen with Allen Flores Consulting hosted a webinar to discuss the new regulations and the required plan.

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Guardian Webinar (2/2/2022)

Watch an educational session discussing the Guardian background check system presented by representatives from the Care Provider Management Bureau. The webinar provides an overview of the Guardian website, discusses frequently seen issues, answers troubleshooting questions, and addresses questions posed by attendees.

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Leading the Way with Telemedicine (3/31/2021)

Learn how physicians are embracing telehealth including biometrics, for routine follow-ups, changes in condition, urgent care, and specialist consults with the goal of reducing unnecessary ER visits and improving quality outcomes. Walk through the early findings of an NIH study on behavioral health interventions using telehealth in long-term care, as well as legal and regulatory issues such as scope of practice, HIPAA, privacy, consent, and liability.

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