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Compensation Study

Setting fair and competitive wages and benefits is critical to employee recruitment and retention, even in these unprecedented times. CALA’s Compensation Study will provide data specifically for Assisted Living, Memory Care, and CCRCs in California with an eye toward planning for the future.

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Compliance Audit - Self Audit (Provider Members Only)

This easy-to-use tool helps you see your community through an LPA’s eyes and prepare for inspections. The audit tool is updated when there are changes to regulations or laws governing RCFEs (Last update 2024). Free to CALA provider members.

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Compliance Audit - Third-Party Audit (Provider Members Only)

Want an unbiased, third-party review? This audit, which includes an exit interview and Certificate of Completion, is conducted by a professional third-party reviewer and helps providers achieve, maintain, and acknowledge compliance. This is a collaboration with Allen Flores Consulting Group.

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