Emergency Preparedness Web Resources


Nixle: Resident

Sign up as an individual or business to receive text alerts from local agencies based on your zip code. Alerts include severe weather and criminal activity, among others.

FEMA app

Download the FEMA app to receive weather alerts, safety tips for emergency preparation, location of FEMA shelters, and the ability to upload pictures of your emergency to help first responders.

Red Cross Emergency App

This app provides information in real time during a disaster and information to prepare in advance.

Prepare for Public Safety Power Shutoffs

Sign up with SDGE, Southern California Edison, and PG&E to receive alerts and learn more about public safety power shutoffs in the event of extreme weather or wildfire conditions.

Training & Resources:

California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)

Responsible for coordinating the state’s responses to disasters and making sure that resources are mobilized. Locate your county or regional OES and sign up for social media alerts.

  • Most counties have an OES office, although some smaller counties operate jointly. Search for your county’s OES office online by searching the name of your county and “OES” or look at the website of your city or county for links.
  • CalOES MyHazards
    Resources to understand the types of disasters that occur in California and how to prepare for them. Input your community’s address to see what specific hazards could commonly be expected at that location.

Ready.gov: Plan Ahead for Disasters

Federal website that provides information and planning tips for several different disasters, weather-related experiences, medical outbreaks, and violent episodes.

American Red Cross

Red Cross provides relief and support to those in crisis and helps people and organizations be prepared to respond in emergencies.


Most, but not all, California counties have 2-1-1 service. One of the many services they provide is information during an emergency. They can help with evacuation routes, emergency shelter and housing, and family reunification among others.


  • Food and Water in an Emergency: This document from FEMA and the American Red Cross gives advice on creating and storing emergency food, water, and disaster supplies kits.