Find a CALA Community

This is an interactive map of CALA member communities. Use your mouse/trackpad to zoom in or out and scroll up or down. The map markers indicate individual communities and by clicking on one you can get additional information. On the top left of the map, the Tools icon allows you to create routing and direction maps, helpful when trying to find out how far a community is from another one, or from your own location.  With this feature you can identify the CALA member communities within, for example, a 30-mile radius or a 30 minute drive time (based on Google map data). Each community has an “Add to route” option on its individual map marker pop-up to help assist with this routing feature.

Additionally, by using the various icons along the right-hand side of the map you can:

  1. search for keywords (such as a community name, or a city),
  2. switch to a satellite view,
  3. show your own location on the map,
  4. export the map image, and
  5. calculate distance between two or more locations.